Sending letterbox parcels through DHL For you Today

Shipping letterbox parcels through DHL For You Today.

Regularly ship small and/or lightweight products? With MyParcel, you can send letterbox parcels through DHL For You Today in a few simple steps. Your customer will receive their order that same day. All you need to do is drop off the letterbox parcel at a DHL RegioHub or DHL CityHub.
Brievenbuspakje versturen
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Later cut-off time.

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Offer your customers the option to receive letterbox parcels on the same day.

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Increase your conversion rate.

Specifications and rates letterbox parcel DHL For You Today.

Letterbox parcel

Size 38 x 26.5 x 3.2 cm
Weight 2 kg
Rate* € 5,97


Incorrect address label € 1.10
Undelivered parcel € 1.50 + shipping rate

* The specified rates are excluding VAT.
* See the surcharges page for an explanation of the above surcharges.

Also send parcels and pallets with DHL For You Today?

In addition to letterbox parcels, you can also easily send your parcels and pallet shipments via the DHL network. Do you regularly send small and/or light products that fit through the letterbox, or do you send extra heavy and/or large parcels? Then these options may be interesting for you!

Want to know more about DHL For You Today?

Download the infographic for a brief overview, or view the handout for all specifications regarding this DHL and MyParcel service.