How do I create a shipment to a PostNL location?

When creating a shipment to a PostNL location, the intention is for you or your customer to first enter the home address of your customer. Afterward, you can choose the PostNL location where your customer wants the package delivered through "Choose custom delivery." After creating the shipment, in your shipment overview, the postcode and house number of your customer will be displayed for the respective shipment. Below that, the address of the chosen PostNL location will be shown. If you fill in the address of the PostNL location as the delivery address, the shipment will be addressed to the PostNL location instead of your customer.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 12.20.52.png

Click on "Pick up" and fill in the remaining details. The nearest PostNL locations will be displayed, and you can select one.

If you choose to have a package delivered directly to a PostNL pickup location or a parcel locker, starting January 1, 2024, you will receive a discount per package shipment. Within the Netherlands and to Germany, the discount is €0.25 per package shipment. To Belgium, the discount is €0.50 per package shipment, and even €1.50 per package shipment to Sweden. A sustainable option that helps you save on your shipping costs!

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