Insured delivery

Sending a parcel insured with DHL's insurance.

You can easily send insured DHL parcels through MyParcel to provide extra assurance for your shipment. This way, you can safely and easily send all your high-value parcels without worries about loss or damage.

Insured delivery.

For ‘Insured delivery’ you pay an additional cost on top of the standard rate for a parcel shipment, see the table on the left.

* The mentioned rates apply as of January 1, 2024.


Set up ‘Insured delivery’ from DHL.

  1. Create a new parcel shipment in the backoffice.
  2. Enter the address details of the recipient.
  3. Click on DHL For You, DHL Europlus or DHL Parcel Connect at Carrier.
  4. Under Shipping options, choose Insured delivery.
  5. Save the shipment, download and print the shipping label and stick it on the shipment.
  6. Hand in your shipment(s) to one of the selected DHL-locations.

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