Google Chrome extension alongside link

Using Google Chrome extension alongside your link.

Even if you have been using MyParcel through the link for while now, the Google Chrome extension is a very useful tool. You can use it to create a shipping label that you have previously created without the link. The Google Chrome extension allows you to easily add delivery options and shipping options to your shipments, without having to visit the back office.
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This is how the Google Chrome extension works alongside your existing link.

If you are using one of our existing links, follow the steps below to use the Google Chrome extension.

  1. Go to an order in your webshop environment.

  2. Click the MyParcel icon in Chrome.

  3. All fields in the shipping form are completed directly based on the data in your order.

  4. Just as in the back office, you can now choose to save your shipment or to print it now. If you choose just to save the shipment, you will see the shipment you have created in your shipments summary.

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