Google Chrome extension for random addresses

Google Chrome extension for random addresses.

The Google Chrome extension allows you to create shipping labels in just a few clicks for orders whose address appears on a web page or in an email, for example. This is useful if you receive your orders through Gmail, Outlook or Etsy, for example.

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This is how the Google Chrome extension works for random addresses.

To create shipping labels for random addresses within a webpage, such as an email or an online document, you can use MyParcel’s Google Chrome extension. This prevents you from having to enter addresses manually in the back office. This reduces the margin of error and is a faster and easier way of creating shipping labels.

To create a shipping label for any address, follow the steps below.

  1. In the extension, go to the settings (⚙︎) and make sure that the ‘Right click to create label’ option is enabled.

  2. Select an address in a web page or in Gmail, for example.

  3. Right click and select ‘Create shipment from selection’.

  4. The address is now entered in the extension’s shipping form.

  5. Just as in the back office, you can now choose to save your shipment or to print it now. After saving, you will see the shipment you have created in your shipments summary.

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