What is the maximum allowed weight of a parcel with a destination in the Netherlands?

That varies depending on the carrier and type of delivery (consumer or business, for example). We've listed them for you by carrier:

You can send a package with a maximum weight of 23 kg to countries within the European Union. For an XL surcharge of €4.95, the package may weigh between 23 and 30 kg. This option is called 'Large package,' and you can select it under 'Shipping options' when creating a new shipment.

If you send with DHL For You, DHL Europlus, or Parcel Connect, a package may weigh up to 31.5 kg. However, a surcharge of €4.75 is applied for weights between 23 and 31.5 kg.

For DPD, a package may weigh 20 kg when you drop it off at a DPD location yourself. If you have your package picked up by a DPD Pickup service, the package may weigh up to 31.5 kg.

A package dropped off at a UPS location may weigh up to 20 kg. When UPS picks up your package with a pickup service, the package may weigh up to 70 kg!

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