Using Google Chrome extension without link

Using Google Chrome extension without link.

We may not yet have a link available for the software you are using. To ensure that you can use our shipping service, in addition to creating shipping labels manually in the back office, we have also developed the Google Chrome extension. This allows you to create automated shipping labels from your browser at the click of button.

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This is how the Google Chrome extension works when we do not (yet) have a link available.

To create your shipping labels with MyParcel’s Google Chrome extension, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Open an order in your platform for which you want to create a shipping label.

  2. Open the extension and go to the settings (⚙︎).

  3. Click the ‘Link fields’ tab. Here, you will find the URL of the website for which you are going to create mapping.

  4. Click the button after the field that you want to link. (Company name).

  5. You can now search for and select the element in the order of your platform. (Click the company name)

  6. The field is now linked!

  7. Repeat this for all fields until all required fields are completed.

  8. Go to ‘Create shipment’. The fields you have just linked will have been entered automatically.

  9. Just as in the back office, you can now choose to save your shipment or to print it now. If you choose just to save the shipment, you will see the shipment you have created in your shipments summary.

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