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Integrating delivery options into your Mijnwebwinkel checkout.

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Attention, Mijnwebwinkel shops! Read on to find out how to generate more sales and give your customer satisfaction an instant boost.

Thanks to the collaboration between Mijnwebwinkel and MyParcel, you can now offer delivery options to customers at the checkout in your Mijnwebwinkel shop. That’s convenient! This results in more sales and boosts your customer satisfaction. Nobody wants to miss out on that. So, if you use Mijnwebwinkel and MyParcel or are you planning to soon, this blog is for you! We will tell you which delivery options you can now offer your customers and how to integrate them into your webshop’s checkout.

At Mijnwebwinkel, you have everything you need to create a successful, professional webshop. You can easily add products and present them however you want to, offer your customers a fantastic ordering and shipping experience, choose between all popular payment methods and let your customers choose their delivery slots. The options are endless. In doing so, Mijnwebwinkel helps webshops on their way to success. The support team is here to help – every single day.

NB: that the new delivery options are only available to Mijnwebwinkel’s PRO and PREMIUM users and in combination with Klarna or Mollie.

What you can offer your customers with your webshop!

By integrating your Mijnwebwinkel shop with MyParcel, you can offer multiple delivery options at the checkout. From now on, your customers can also select a delivery slot or opt for delivery to a PostNL location in the Netherlands or Belgium. This gives customer control over their orders. After all, it lets them decide where and when they receive their parcels!

Delivery slots
If your customer prefers to have their parcels delivered to their home, they can select a delivery slot when they will be at home. This offers convenience and is a nice extra service to offer your customers.

PostNL location
At the moment, the most popular delivery option is delivery to a PostNL location in the Netherlands or Belgium. That way, your customer no longer needs to stay at home to receive their orders and they can select a PostNL location to have the parcel delivered to. They then collect their parcels when it suits them! With 3.500 PostNL locations in the Netherlands and 1,100 in Belgium, there is always one nearby.

Advantages of offering delivery options at the checkout!

Offering multiple delivery options in the checkout results in more sales. That’s great for your webshop – but it’s not the only thing. Offering delivery options encourages repeat purchases and gives your customer satisfaction an instant boost! That’s what you get in return for offering your customers more control over their own orders! It’s exactly what they want. Read more about it in another blog.

How do you configure delivery options for your Mijnwebwinkel checkout?

Integrating the delivery options into your checkout is easy. All you have to do is take the following steps: In your shop management environment, go to ‘Order online’ and then ‘Shipping options’. On this page, go to the ‘MyParcel settings’ heading, and there you can configure the delivery options to suit your requirements.