Sending parcels abroad

You can also use our software to quickly and easily convert orders from abroad into shipping labels. If customs forms are required for a parcel, you will automatically be notified about this. That way there won’t be any surprises!

Specifications for parcel shipments abroad

EU shipment 

Weight 0 – 23 kg
23 – 30 kg (+ € 3.01)
Minimumformaat 10 x 10 x 1 cm
Minimum size 100 x 70 x 58 cm
175 x 78 x 58 cm (+ € 3.01)
Total parcel size 300 cm (= L x 2xB x 2xH)
Transmission time View the summary per country here.
Track & Trace Available for you and your customer.
Insurance Signature upon receipt and insurance up to a purchase value of €500 included by default


World shipment. 

Weight 0 – 20 kg
Minimum size 10 x 10 x 1 cm
Maximum size 100 x 50 x 50 cm
Volumetric weight The kilo surcharge is established on the content (dm3) of the shipment.*
Transmission time View the summary per country here.
Track & Trace Available for you and your customer.
Insurance Signature upon receipt and insurance insurance up to a purchase value of €200 included by default.
*Volumetric weight: The price for World shipments is calculated using the basic rate + the kilo surcharge. The kilo surcharge, depending on the content (dm3) of the shipment, will be established based on either the actual weight (in kg) or the volume weight. The volume weight is calculated based on the content (dm3) / 12. This means that if the actual weight of a shipment is greater than the volume weight, the actual weight will be used to calculate the kilo surcharge. Is the volume weight greater than the actual weight? Then the volume weight will be used.


* For parcels sent within Europe that are heavier than the maximum weight (30kg), there is a pallet surcharge of €100.
** Peak surcharge: The last six weeks of the year a peak surcharge of € 0.25 will be applied on top of shippings costs for each parcel.
*** Corona surcharge: An extra kilo surcharge will be temporarily added to the price of shipments with destinations outside of Europe.

Sending smaller parcels abroad

Occasionally, smaller parcels with international destinations that fit through the letterbox (letterbox parcels) are sent through the mail sorting centre, regardless of the parcel label. When a parcel is sent abroad through the mail sorting centre, it takes longer for the parcel to be offered to the customer. In this case, the Track &amp Trace code cannot be tracked completely either. Therefore, when you use a parcel label for smaller parcels, check first that the parcel does not fit through the letterbox.

Forbidden to send some items abroad

Not all goods and materials can be shipped over the border. In addition to rules about items that you may and may not send, there are also restrictions for specific countries relating to goods and materials that are and are not permitted there. Prepare by checking in advance which items you can and cannot send to international destinations. This prevents customs from seizing or destroying your post or parcel.

Tips for sending parcels abroad

Always specify the telephone number and email address of the addressee on the shipping label

Make sure that the addressee’s name exactly matches the nameplate at the addressee’s house or premises.

If you have a door code available from the recipient, it is good to specify this on the shipping label as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

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