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Import and export goods worldwide via MyParcel.

For importing and exporting goods, sea freight, air freight, and road transportation are the commonly used methods of transportation. This can be quite complicated to arrange, which is why our specialists are here to lend you a hand. Simply fill in the request form and receive custom quotes without any obligation. Is your shipment in a hurry? Feel free to contact us at 088-088 39 88.
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Our specialists take care of communication with all parties.

We arrange the complex (customs) documentation for you.

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How MyParcel makes importing and exporting goods easy.

When importing and exporting goods you have to deal with different parties, regulations and a lot of paperwork. We are happy to take the challenge of transport off your hands and ensure that you know exactly what you need to deliver and what it looks like. Our specialists take care of communication with all parties. From picking up a single pallet from the United States to picking up full containers from China, we arrange the transport for you with the best service and the best rates.

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Don’t worry about complex (customs) documentation! We will arrange this for you. We only need a commercial invoice and packing slip from you. Need help preparing a commercial invoice? Then download our template. If the template is filled in correctly, it will be accepted by every customs authority. In addition, the standard working method is authorizing our carriers to arrange the entire customs clearance for you, so easy!

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Which type of transport is suitable for your shipment?

The choice between transport by road, sea or air depends on various factors, such as the lead time, the type of goods and the costs. Is speed important to you? Then air freight or an express carrier is a good option. Do the costs and environmental friendliness weigh more heavily on you? Then sea freight may be better for you, where a longer term is common. It is also important to consider whether the goods are suitable for air freight, given the restrictions on weight, size and hazardous substances. Our specialists provide the best tailor-made solution depending on your specific goods and wishes.

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What is air freight?

Air freight is a fast and reliable way to transport goods around the world. It is often used for shipments that have a short lead time or are sensitive to temperature, humidity or other environmental factors. Air freight is fast and can be at its destination within a few days.

What is sea freight?

Sea freight is a popular option for transporting large quantities of goods over long distances. Sea freight has a low cost per unit due to the use of containers, especially for long distance transport. In addition, sea freight is also safe and reliable, because modern container ships are equipped with good tracking and security. Container ships also have lower CO2 emissions than airplanes.

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Questions? We are here to help!

Do you have questions about importing or exporting goods worldwide? Please contact us on 088-088 39 88. Our support team is ready to assist you!