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Design your own Track & Trace page.

At least 78% of consumers check the shipping status of their online order more than once. That is why a Track & Trace page that matches your webshop’s look & feel is the most effective, efficient way of engaging customers with your webshop and offering the ultimate last mile experience!
Track & Trace pagina
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new customers per month, who can customise their own Track & Trace page.

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of visitors return to the webshop through a banner.

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unique visitors per month who visit the Track & Trace page more than twice.

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more engagement on social media by integrating your social media channels.

How do I design my own Track & Trace page?

To keep customers informed of the status of their order via your own Track & Trace page, you must first activate your Track & Trace email. This email will link to your Track & Trace page.

Log into your account. Go to your account settings and click ‘Portal’ for the relevant webshop. Make sure ‘Enable portal’ is set to ‘Yes’.

Select a subdomain and accent colour. Upload a logo. Selecting a subdomain is mandatory, whereas setting an accent colour and logo is optional.

→ These settings do not apply if you have already configured your own returns page settings.

Scroll down to the ‘Track & Trace page’ section and set ‘Enable Track & Trace page’ to ‘Yes’.

Embed your Instagram feed or Twitter timeline into the Track & Trace page here. Then enter the review page where you would like to receive all your positive reviews. You can also configure a promotional banner with a corresponding URL and image, which you can use to create adverts for your customers.


Scroll down further and check that your contact details and social media accounts have been entered correctly. When you have entered this information, it will be displayed at the bottom of your Track & Trace page.

When you’re ready, click ‘Save’. Your customised Track & Trace page is now ready for use! Interested to know how your Track & Trace page looks? Click ‘Open in new window’ at the top of the page.

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