In collaboration with GoedGepickt: The benefits of a warehouse management system.

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At MyParcel, we partner with many companies specializing in warehouse management software. One of these partners is GoedGepickt. If you connect GoedGepickt with MyParcel, you can create shipments with just a few clicks without leaving your GoedGepickt system. Convenient, right? In this blog, they highlight the benefits of a warehouse management system.

Do you run a webshop and have your own warehouse with inventory? Then you know better than anyone that it’s crucial to maintain an overview and insight into your inventory, especially if you sell your products across multiple sales platforms. Adjusting Excel spreadsheets and manually tracking your inventory are a thing of the past with a warehouse management system!

What is a warehouse management system?

A warehouse management system is a software system that processes all the information you need to keep track of your warehouse. With warehouse software, you know exactly which product is in which location and how many orders still need to be processed. To get started with this, it’s important to set up all the data correctly (automatically) and establish the necessary connections.

The Advantages of Using Warehouse Management Software.

Are you starting with a warehouse management system? You set it up once, and then you can benefit from it every day. Below is a list of some key advantages:

Warehouse Overview.

Do you know exactly where your inventory is and how many units are available? Often, there’s one person in the warehouse who has all this information memorized. But what if that person is absent for a day, or your product range significantly expands? It can be challenging to maintain a clear overview. How convenient would it be if everything could be found digitally? This not only saves you time but also prevents errors. In short: time and energy that you can use for other essential tasks.

As the product quantity and/or turnover rate grows, the risk of errors also increases. These errors can affect administration and lead to additional costs or even stockouts. To prevent this, it’s a good idea to manage your inventory using a warehouse management system. This helps to prevent mistakes and ensures a calm and organized warehouse!

All-in-One System.

Another significant advantage of a warehouse management system is that you can integrate with various partners, gathering a lot of different information in one place. For example, you can view all orders from different sales platforms in one location, and shipping labels from various carriers can be easily generated.

Additionally, the product catalog is unified under the same Stock Keeping Units (SKUs, codes for identifying products). Products you sell across different sales platforms can be linked within a warehouse management system, allowing you to maintain a consistent inventory across all locations. When there’s an inventory change, it’s automatically updated everywhere. Very convenient!

Goodbye to manual tasks where you’re constantly catching up with the facts. This reduces the chance of picking errors in the warehouse, thereby decreasing frustration among picking staff. Moreover, you won’t face stockouts because you can’t sell inventory you don’t have.

Proper Order Processing.

To maintain optimal inventory control, it’s crucial to process your orders correctly. By making the order-picking process as straightforward as possible, you minimize the chances of inventory discrepancies. Additionally, processing orders accurately is essential for a reliable inventory forecast.

By simplifying the picking process with designated inventory locations, you can also automate the packing process. The software can give alerts based on predefined rules, such as indicating that a product requires extra packaging or that an additional product can be added to an order. It can also determine the shipping method so that the shipping label prints automatically.

Simple and Quick Return Processing.

Do you use warehouse management software? Then you can view, create, and process all your returns from different sales platforms in one overview. You no longer need to work with loose papers or separate files, ensuring all information is neatly stored in one place. This way, customer service knows immediately when a return is processed in the warehouse, eliminating the need for departments to wait on each other. This is not only beneficial for staff but also reduces the processing time for a return, providing a smoother customer experience.

When should you choose warehouse management software?

Do you work with multiple people in the warehouse, or do you handle everything on your own? In any organization, there comes a time when the Excel spreadsheets become unmanageable. It’s never too late to start using warehouse software, but it’s better to start early than late! Do you sell through multiple sales platforms? Then it’s definitely wise to start using warehouse software right away, so that you’re no longer wasting your valuable time manually updating inventory.

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