Morning delivery

Morning delivery by PostNL.

With MyParcel, you can offer your customers multiple flexible delivery options at your webshop’s checkout. In so doing, you take the service provided by your webshop to a higher level. One of the delivery options that you can offer is morning delivery by PostNL. With the morning delivery option, parcels are delivered before 12pm.

Conditions for morning delivery.

  • Only available for parcels with destinations in the Netherlands, with the exception of the Frisian Islands.
  • Morning delivery takes place on Tuesday to Friday mornings before 12pm.
  • Parcels are only delivered to the recipient.
  • The morning delivery option can be combined with Signature for receipt or Insured parcel.
  • Always deliver your parcels to a PostNL location the day before the delivery date. Parcels that you return hand over sooner will also be delivered sooner, except on Fridays and Saturdays. Parcels delivered to PostNL on Friday are delivered on Monday morning. Parcels delivered on Saturday are delivered Tuesday morning.
  • If the first delivery attempt fails, the parcel will be taken to the nearest PostNL location

Costs for morning delivery.

For morning deliveries, there is an additional fee on top of the standard rate for your parcel shipment.

12,49 exc. VAT

* The mentioned rates apply as of January 1, 2024.

Setting up morning delivery for your shipment.

  1. Create a new parcel shipment in the back office.
  2. Enter the recipient’s address details.
  3. Click ‘Select adjusted delivery’.
  4. Select the required delivery option and date.
  5. Save the shipment, download the shipping label, print it out and stick it onto the shipment.
  6. Deliver your parcel to a PostNL location or have it collected by the Collection service.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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