Digital stamp

Sending post with a digital stamp

As an online retail point, MyParcel offers digital stamps. The digital stamp can be used for post or small, lightweight parcels up to weighing up to 2kg. So you'll never run out of stamps! You can easily create digital stamps in your account.

Interested in the benefits for you?

Your letterbox post can be prepared for shipment in no time.

You don’t keep stamps you don’t use.

You don’t have to go out to buy stamps.

Post is delivered within one working day.

Costs and specifications of the digital stamp.


Weight Maximum 2kg
Minimum size 14 x 9 cm
Maximum size 38 x 26,5 x 3,2 cm
Available for Only for addresses in the Netherlands
Shipping options Not available in combination with a digital stamp



Size < C4 Size > C4
0 – 20g € 0.96 € 4.50
20 – 50g € 1.92 € 4.50
50 – 100g € 2.88 € 4.50
100 – 350g € 3.84 € 4.50
350g – 2kg € 4.50 € 4,50


*Digital stamps are exempt from VAT.
If a shipment is larger than C4 size (32.4×22.9cm), the price for a 350g-2kg shipment applies.

Here’s how the digital stamp works.

  1. Weigh your letterbox post.
  2. Create a digital stamp for your letter post.
  3. Print the digital stamp using a standard printer (A4) or A6 label printer.
  4. Stick the digital stamp onto your post.
  5. Take your post to the nearest postbox or PostNL location.

NB: you only need to download and print one digital stamp. You have already entered the weight and that is included in the label.

NB: a digital stamp is charged immediately after downloading.

Frequently Asked Questions

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