Pallet shipment

Sending pallets through MyParcel.

Want to send extra heavy and/or large parcels? In your account, you can easily schedule a pallet shipment and prepare your pallet for shipment. Your pallet shipment will then be delivered within two working days to addresses in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Specifications and rates for pallet shipments.


Max. weight 1,000 kg
Max. size 120 x 100 x 200cm (height inc. pallet)
Packaging View our packaging advice.
Available for All addresses in The Netherlands and Belgium.
Insurance  On request.


Nederland België
1 pallet € 58 € 79
2 pallets € 108 € 151
3 pallets € 156 € 221
4 pallets € 202 € 289
5 pallets € 247 € 357
Meer dan 5 pallets More information More information
*per address, per day

* Rates specified are exc. VAT.
* For deliveries before 11am, a surcharge of €35 applies within the Netherlands and €40 in Belgium.
* Second and subsequent pallets to the same address are shipped at a lower rate if the sender and recipient of the pallets are the same and the pallets are sent at the same time.

Conditions for sending parcels through MyParcel.

  • If your pallet shipment is registered before 4pm, it will be collected on the next working day between 8am and 6pm.
  • Your pallet shipment will be delivered to the recipient on the next working day after the collection date between 8am and 6pm.
  • Your products must be ready for transport on the pallet and must not be sticking out.
  • The carrier will only collect the pallet shipment. You will need to provide a pallet yourself. Pallets are not collected or supplied.
  • A pallet shipment is scheduled and cannot be cancelled once the shipping label has been downloaded.


Sending general cargo through MyParcel.

Parcels that are not on a pallet and cannot be sent as PostNL parcel shipments can be sent as general cargo through MyParcel. The rate for this can be requested by email from

Frequently Asked Questions.

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