Sending a parcel within the Netherlands

Sending a parcel within the Netherlands

With MyParcel, you can create shipping labels for all your orders at the click of a button, which allows you to send your parcels quickly. You either bring them to a PostNL location near you or have them collected by the Collection Service, and your parcels will be delivered within one working day by PostNL.

Interested in the benefits for you?

The more you send, the cheaper shipping becomes.

Track every parcel from door to door with Track & Trace code.

Customers can return parcels with the Returns service in a few simple steps.

Specifications and rates for parcel shipments within the Netherlands.


Weight 0 – 23 kg
23 – 30 kg (+ € 3.01)
Minimum size 10 x 10 x 1 cm
Maximum size 100 x 70 x 58 cm
175 x 78 x 58 cm (+ € 3.01)
Volume surcharge Based on the volume (L x W x H) of a parcel shipment there will be a surcharge calculated.
Track & Trace Available for you and your customer.
Shipping options All shipping options are available.
Returns service Option to allow your customer to return a parcel in a few simple steps.



0 – 249 € 6,25
250 – 499 € 6,05
500 – 999 € 5,80
1,000 – 2,499 € 5,65
2,500 – 4,999 € 5,55
5,000 + More information

Volume surcharge.

< 50 dm3 Free
50 – 100 dm3 € 0.50
100 – 200 dm3 € 1.50
> 200 dm3 € 3.01


* Rates specified are exc. VAT.
* Check here how to avoid the calculation of extra surcharges on your shipment!
* For parcels sent within the Netherlands that are heavier than the maximum weight (30kg) or larger than the maximum size (175 x 78 x 58 cm), there is a pallet surcharge of €70.
* Peak surcharge: the last six weeks of the year a peak surcharge of € 0.25 will be applied on top of shippings costs for each parcel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the maximum allowed dimensions of parcels that I want to have collected by the Collection Service differ from the standard maximum parcel dimensions? Is my parcel with a destination in the Netherlands automatically insured? What are the maximum allowed dimensions for an XL parcel?