Digital stamp.

Sending post with the digital stamp.

At MyParcel, we offer PostNL's digital postage stamp as an online retail point. With this, you can easily frank your mail online and print your own postage stamps. This ensures you never run out of postage stamps. The digital postage stamp is a Universal Service. This means that the rate is regulated by the government and is the same everywhere.
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Rate for size < C4

Rate for size > C4

1 – 20 gram € 1,09 € 4,85
20 – 50 gram € 2,18 € 4,85
50 – 350 gram € 3,70 € 4,85
350 – 2.000 gram € 4,85 € 4,85
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* The digital postage stamp is exempt from VAT.
* The mentioned rates apply as of January 1, 2024.


Sending mail with PostNL.

Through our platform, you can easily send your mail and lightweight parcels within the Netherlands with PostNL. Simply create a digital postage stamp, seal your mail, and drop it off at the nearest mailbox or one of the 3,750 PostNL locations. In most cases, PostNL delivers mail within one working day, from Tuesday to Saturday.

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This is how the digital postage stamp works.

  1. Weigh your post.
  2. Create a digital postage stamp through your account.
  3. Print the digital postage stamp with a standard printer (A4) or A6 label printer.
  4. Affix the digital postage stamp to the mail.
  5. Drop off the mail at the nearest mailbox or PostNL location.

Note: You only need to download and print one digital postage stamp. The weight has already been entered and will be processed into the label.
Note: A digital postage stamp is immediately charged after downloading.

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