Questions about returns? We answer seven questions.

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Vragen over retouren ondernemer webshop

The number of parcel shipments has risen dramatically due to the festive season and the lockdown. This is great for online entrepreneurs, of course, but it also has its downsides. After the festive season, we also see an increase in the number of returns. Many entrepreneurs do not have items returned every day, which is why we would like to help you process the returns by setting up an efficient returns service. Below are the answers to the seven most Frequently Asked Questions about returns:

1. What is the statutory return period?

Legally, consumers have 14 days to change their mind from the moment they receive your order. In addition, they have another 14 days to return the product. To make your returns service as customer-friendly as possible, select a longer return period of 60 days, for example. This gives your customers more time to try out the product and avoids any unnecessary returns. Why would somebody return an item once they are used to having it in their home?

2. Can I set the validity of my return label?

Yes, you can do this in your account. The validity period of the return link is set to 28 days by default. During this period, your customer can download the shipping label. Once the validity date passes, the link is no longer valid. You can create a new return link in consultation with your customer. You can set the preferred validity period for your return labels in the Account settings in your account.

3. Who pays for the return shipment?

As the webshop owner, you can decide who pays for the return shipment: you or the customer. If you want your customer to pay, you can set an excess for the return shipment. You can set the amount of the excess in your account or manually when creating a return label. Don’t forget to specify this on your website so there are no surprises for your customers.

4. Do I need to insure my return parcel?

If you want to be sure the contents of your return shipment are insured against damage, take out insurance. Return shipments within the Netherlands are not insured by default. When creating a return shipment, you can insure your parcels with a purchase value of up to €5,000. When creating the return shipment, you can select ‘insured parcel’.

5. Where can my customer drop off the return parcel?

Once your customer has stuck the return label onto the parcel, they can drop off the parcel at a PostNL location. We add a Location Finder to the returns email and returns page by default. That way, your customer can easily see where the nearest PostNL location is. If the Location Finder is disabled in your returns email, re-enter it using the following code: %POSTKANTOOR_LOCATIE_KIEZER%. You can easily make changes to the returns email through Account settings.

6. How do I share Track & Trace information?

Once your customer has dropped off the return parcel, you will receive a Track & Trace email. Keep your customer updated on the shipping status by sharing Track & Trace information with them. That way, your customers know when you have received the parcel and when they can expect to receive the purchase amount back. Any return shipments that customers send from other countries will take longer to arrive than normal shipments. You can configure the Track & Trace returns email in the Account settings in your account.

7. What if my return parcel stops receiving scans?

From time to time, return shipments stop receiving scans and ‘get stuck’ somewhere in the shipping process. If your return parcel stops receiving scans, we advise you to contact us through the case summary in your MyParcel account. Report this within four weeks of the last scan. If you wait longer than four weeks or do not report it, we will not be able to launch an investigation into the parcel.

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