I want to send my parcels via a PostNL parcel and letter machine, how do I do that?

Create a new shipment in the back office, then search for the nearest parcel and letter machine in the location finder. To send parcels via a parcel machine, you need a PostNL ID. Don't have a PostNL ID yet? Follow these steps:


  1. Download or open the PostNL App and log in with your personal account.

  2. Go to 'Account.'

  3. Tap on PostNL ID at the top, and then on Create PostNL ID.

  4. Go through the iDIN process to verify your details and receive your own PostNL ID.


After this, you can scan your package at the parcel and letter machine using your PostNL ID, and you do it as follows:


  1. Scan the label on the package.

  2. Scan your PostNL ID.

  3. Send it off!


Parcels can also be returned via a parcel and letter machine.

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